5 Fantastic Ways
to Get Fabulous Skin

5 Fantastic Ways
to Get Fabulous Skin

  1. Don’t Panic, HYDRATE!

We absolutely love this delightful summer drink! In a large jug fill it up with ice, slices of the brightest lemon you can find and most importantly, 10 slices of cucumber. Aim to finish the entire jug in a span of 10 hours. Give yourself one week to see a clarity and glow to your skin. 

2. Sensational Silk Pillowcase 

Yes, you got that right. Invest in a pure silk pillowcase and enjoy its soft touch on your cheeks. The silk helps keep your face soft and prevent lines from being made over time. 

3. Bringing Back that Youthful Skin! 

The wondrous grapeseed oil entails vitamin E and is rich in polyunsaturated fats that may help to fight inflammation and deliver hydration. These amazing nutrients applied as a moisturizer may even reduce acne and hyperpigmentation. What’s not to love?

4. Aloe Wonder

You didn’t think we’d forget Aloe Vera, did you? Buy a plant from your local garden center and keep it in your room in a pretty pot. Break out a small piece every day, apply its gel directly on face, leave on for an hour and wash. Not only does it work as a moisturizer, it makes a fantastic skin tightening mask!

5. Getting it Right with Cornstarch & Rosewater 

Yes, you heard that right! Who doesn’t aspire to a radiant glow? All it takes is 3 tbspn of rosewater, 1 tbspn of cornstarch and half a cup of cold water. Melt the starch in the cold water along with rosewater on your stove for a minute and stir constantly. Cool the mixture in the refrigerator and then apply the mask to your skin for 30 minutes. Last trick: wash off face with warm and then cold water and et voila! You are aglow with lustrous glass skin!

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