Soie Pillowcase Rosy Flamingo

Soie Pillowcase Rosy Flamingo

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Upgrade your beauty sleep with the queen size Soie pillowcase in Rosy Flamingo, a pure silk pillowcase provides a luxurious night-time experience that is so gentle on skin and hair. The silk pillowcase allows skin to breathe and glide, which reduces pressure on creased skin and helps maintain skin and hair moisture. Hair glides over the silk pillowcase without any friction which means you will be less likely to wake up with frizzy hair, tangles or bedhead.

100% silk

Naturally dust-mite resistant.


Recommended by dermatologists and beauty experts.

Size: 45 cm X 75 cm

(17,8” X 29”)

غطاء وسادة بحجم ملكي باللون الوردي بقماش الحرير تعطي راحة اكثر في النوم ولطيفة مع الشعر والبشرة

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