The Essential Guide
to Travel Hacks

The Essential Guide
to Travel Hacks

Although 2020 gave the world a good shake up, things are finally returning back to normal in a
slow but steady pace! Travel restrictions have finally eased, and we can plan our business trips
and holidays to some parts of the world that have now opened up their borders. In a time of
stress, we are here to guide you with packing travel hacks to make your life far easier!
With the Najood Travel bags, you can create a whole new approach to planning and packing!
Each fabric bag has a sketch of the item it’s meant for and come in sets: shoes, jewelry, baby
items, clothes, lingerie, hair supplies, makeup, even your chargers and headphones get their
own mini bags! Talk about easy organization!

  1. Give it a roll!
    Did you know that if you roll your clothes instead of folding them, you prevent them from
    creasing? The Najoob Travel fabric bag is the perfect size to roll your shirts and pants
    into, and draw the strings tight at the top!
  2. Be prepared
    Always place the items you will need immediately after you arrive at your destination at
    the very top. In this case, it will be your phone charger, so keep the Najood Travel mini
    electronics bag at the top of the pyramid! Work your way down to the items that will be
    needed last, placed at the bottom.
  3. What’s in your carry-on?
    The Najoob Travel bags are so lightweight and inconspicuous that keeping one in your
    carry-on will feel weightless but its use will be invaluable. For example, the “First Make Up”
    travel bag keeps your beauty products organized; if traveling with a baby, instead of
    rummaging like a flustered mom, knowing where each item is located will help via the
    pictures on the fabric bags. You will never have to second guess!
  4. Sun Sand and Play
    If you’re as hungry as we are for some sunshine and sea, then you are heading off to a good
    start! Stow your items in the Najood beach getaway collection where all “Beach Stuff” is labeled
    via illustration!
  5. The Essential
    The most important item in your handbag is your passport; and it needs to also be the most
    accessible with no room for confusion. This is why we love the Najoob mini passport bag that
    has a funky illustration of your passport’s face. Yes, not only is it fun but also highly convenient!

The Najoob Travel collection has stolen our hearts with its quirky bags that are delightful and
convenient, especially as they are washable and can be thrown in with the rest of the laundry for
a quick spin and come out looking brand new!
Bon voyage!

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